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Unwashed or Washed eggs: Bloom or no Bloom? That is the question.

What is a bloom you ask? 
Before a hen lays an egg, she adds what is called a protective layer called “bloom” or cuticle to the outside of the egg. The bloom/coating seals the shell pores, preventing bacteria from getting inside the shell, and reduces moisture loss from the egg.  All things designed to make the egg last longer.

Do all eggs have this Bloom?

Yes, all hens add a protective bloom to an egg just before it is laid.

What to know when purchasing from the grocer...due to conditions at many large egg operations in the US, the commercial eggs are required to be washed right after collection. This is done to make them appear clean and presentable. Which means, no mudd, dirt, or chicken poop. Yes, we said it. When you wash your eggs, this takes the protective layer off the eggs. In order to try and replace the "natural bloom coating", most commercial egg providers spray the egg's shell with a thin coating of mineral oil to protect it. This is why grocery store eggs may sometimes appear shiny.

Free range, Pasture raised...

All of our hens are our in the pasture from the time the sun rises to sunset, munching on organic goodness we have supplied for them coming from the earth. They do have organic grains in the coop for if they are hungry at night before bed, and are also supplemented with organic herbs like Basil, Rosemary, Oregano, Sage and Calendula. As well as Red Pepper Flakes and Cinnamon. These additions help in the health of our hens respiratory tracts and intestinal tracts. Ultimately keeping them healthy and happy!

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