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Free Range - Pasture Raised Eggs

Free Range - Pasture Raised Eggs

SKU: 15350

There is normally a large variety of egg color and size of eggs. All pack a delicious treat!


    The hens laying these eggs are from the breeds below:

    Barred Rock, Cream Legbar, Welsummer, Rhode Island Red and Black Silver Laced English Orpington (yeah, that one is a mouth full). This is what gives them their beauty and size variations. 


    Loesch Family Farms offers old school delivery, just like they did back in the day with Milk. We offer two ways to deliver these lovely eggs. 


    First: Normal eggs in a carton just like you'd pickup in the store. 


    Second: Sustainability option. What does that mean?? Let's get to it! This option is where your initial eggs will be delivered in a basket to your front stoop, and each time you place an order, you'll receive a reminder to place your basket out on the porch to be filled up with your yummy eggs. There is a fee for the basket in the intial up front cost, but it is well worth it and helps to keep landfills a little less full. Even if it is only a small egg carton. It's our way of doing our part.


    You'll simply choose the basket to add onto the order at checkout for your first order! 

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